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Sometimes paid ads are the best solution to drive quick, relevant and high value traffic to your website. Other times it’s the perfect accompaniment to an SEO campaign that can take a while to see results. The great thing about Pay Per Click advertising is that you can see almost instant results, but if it’s not done correctly it can end up being a costly money pit. Our team of seasoned PPC experts have worked on Google Ads, Bing and paid social media campaigns across every industry you can think of. It’s a scientific practice that requires a trained professional to set up and manage. That’s where your Northern Ireland PPC agency can help.

We offer paid advertising solutions for search and display ads, as well as social media and YouTube. Our process is a scientific one which is proven in delivering the best possible return on your investment. Here are some of the PPC services we specialise in.


Ad Campaign Audit

Most business owners have tried to set up their own PPC campaign at some stage. Often this is an attempt to save money but it actually becomes more expensive for them very quickly as pay per click campaigns are extremely complex and require an in-depth knowledge of keywords, target markets, budgets, bid adjustments and much more. We will analyse your current ad campaigns to show you how well they are performing and provide our recommendations for improving them.

Google Ads

Through a fine tuned mix of scientific research, cutting edge technology and creativity that sets us apart from the rest, we deliver high class Google Ads campaigns. Numbers don’t lie, we will ensure that your sales go up and cost per acquisition goes down, it’s as straightforward as that.

Display Advertising

We will ensure that your website is being seen by those who are most likely to convert into paying customers. The strategic placement of your adverts throughout Google’s display network as well as YouTube will give your business a huge competitive edge and open up new markets for you.


Remarketing Campaigns

Doing remarketing right and earning repeat customers or picking up those who haven’t yet made a purchase is the key to a successful online business. Therefore getting your remarketing campaign right is essential.

Our PPC experts know how to create remarketing strategies that are scientifically proven to generate repeat sales, resulting in a customer base that are loyal to your brand. We will ensure that you are moving your target customers through your sales funnel at the right time and with the perfect message.

Google & Bing Shopping

If you are an ecommerce company then Google Shopping is not something you should be doing, it’s something you must be doing! It places you right in front of your audience at the crucial point of purchase and so it has become far too important to leave to your competitors while you focus on other channels. Google and Bing Shopping provide some of the best conversion rates possible and with online consumers becoming more savvy and putting more in-depth research into every purchase it offers a huge opportunity for you to outperform your competition, no matter how big they are.


Paid Social

Whether you like it or not, social media has become an essential channel for businesses no matter what industry you are in. Being active and conveying the right message to your audience on social media reap huge rewards for your business. Social media ads, remarketing and promoted content allows you to reach a highly targeted audience with personalised ads which has been proven to be hugely successful in converting into sales. Our team knows how to do this for the lowest possible cost per aquisition.

How Our PPC Strategies Work

As one of the few PPC agencies in Northern Ireland, we’re extremely well placed to help our clients with their paid search journey, from the initial audit right through to delivery and reporting.

Each one of our PPC strategies begins with a detailed audit, whether you have existing campaigns that need improvement or are totally new to search ads. We will identify opportunities for ranking, set goals and KPIs to achieve, review your current spend and look for ways to make it more efficient as well as the technical set-up and optimisation of your campaigns and ads.

When you work with us it’s never just a set and forget service. Our team of PPC specialists will dedicate time to your strategy each week to ensure that it’s performing at an optimal level and that your budget is going as far as it can. A good PPC strategy is all about getting a strong return on your investment. It’s our mission to get your cost of acquisition down and your online sales up as much as possible.

You will be kept updated at every step of the campaign with detailed monthly reports outlining the work we’re doing, the results achieved in relation to your goals and our recommendations for making further improvements going forward.

When it’s done right, PPC can be one of the most effective marketing strategies there is. So make sure you talk to the professionals and give your business the best chance of continued growth.

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