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Everyone wants to rank number 1 on Google but with hundreds of ranking factors determining who’s on top of the search engines, you have to deserve to be there and you’ve got to earn it.

On average our SEO campaigns deliver a 162.79% increase in organic traffic. We don’t do generic SEO packages designed to make it look as though we’re doing something and try to bamboozle you with stats and figures, a practice which is sadly all too common with some SEO companies.

As a specialist SEO Agency we work with you to identify your goals and define an achievable SEO strategy. Once all the research, technical audits and analysis is taken care of we will then implement the strategy step by step to achieve your goals. With Levity there is no guesswork, we approach each campaign methodically, delivering a bespoke SEO strategy. Here is a taste of how we like to approach our work.

Research & Analysis

Ranking top of Google isn’t easy, it takes consistent performance, continued analysis and most of all your website has to actually deserve to be there. How do we achieve this? Through in-depth research and detailed analysis of your website to identify and rectify any issues that are hindering its performance. It’s vital to understand what your target audience are searching for, the intent behind them and to identify what you need to do to get your website in front of them. Our research and analysis will allow us to set achievable goals for your business, recognise the challenges that need to be overcome and develop a rock-solid strategy for success.

  • Keyword research & analysis
  • Backlink analysis
  • Technical SEO audit
  • Analytics audit and setup
  • Competitor research & analysis

Content Strategy

The reality is most businesses don’t have a sufficient content strategy in place to allow them to reach and engage with their customers. We will find out what questions your audience are asking about your industry and create comprehensive content that provides the answers they need. This will help to establish you as a trusted source and create a sense of loyalty within your audience. Providing your target market with the most useful content and the best answers to their queries is vital for ranking well within the search engines and that’s why we take care of this for you, providing you with research and guidance throughout the campaign.

  • Content strategy development
  • Top performing & under-performing content analysis
  • Landing page content creation
  • Blog post creation
  • External content creation


Once we have identified what your target audience are searching for and what needs to be done to outrank your competitors we will then implement our recommended edits to improve the overall relevance and strength of the website. It’s vital that your website is properly structured and technically optimised to allow search engines to crawl and rank it and give your visitors the information they need to find you and convert into customers.

  • Content optimisation
  • Technical website edits
  • Structured data markup
  • Internal link optimisation
  • New page creation
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Link Building

After having a well optimised website and highly relevant content, links are still the most important factor in moving your website up the rankings. Earning quality, relevant links to your website that will increase its strength and send you customers on a consistent basis is a time consuming and complex process. This is where most digital marketing agencies falter as they just don’t have the knowledge, patience or resources to build links consistently and to a high standard. In fact it’s why some of them even outsource it to us! We believe we are one of the best link building agencies in the UK with a process that is a league above most other SEO services out there. Our link earning strategies are tried and tested, yet constantly evolving so we can be sure that we will improve the authority of your website.

  • Link building strategy development
  • Detailed link prospecting & research
  • Targeted outreach to high authority websites & bloggers
  • Wide variety of tactics to earn links organically


All of our processes and strategies are completely transparent so you will always be in the loop and kept up to date with the progress of the campaign. We will make regular tweaks and improvements to your website to get the very best performance from it. We are also flexible and able to adjust the SEO strategy when needed. Our aim is to consistently drive potential customers to your website and keep you one step head of the competition.

  • Detailed monthly reporting
  • Consistent improvements & updates
  • Regular review of campaign goals
  • Transparent systems to keep you in the loop

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One of Northern Ireland’s most exciting and innovative companies needed a specialist SEO agency to help them break into new markets around the world.

We implemented a technical analysis of the website and consistent, quality content creation partnered with a link building campaign to increase the overall organic traffic to the website as well as the number of new customers.

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