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Earn brand recognition and unrivalled backlinks.

Abbey Autoline

Get featured on the world’s biggest publications

To compete in the modern market place your brand needs to attract attention, and lots of it!

Our digital PR service will generate media coverage for your brand and your story, and not only that. It will also generate lots of links from high-quality, trusted sources which will result in better rankings, more traffic and even more online coverage.

Our digital PR campaigns will:

  • Increase brand awareness 

  • Generate high-quality backlinks

  • Increase organic traffic

  • Help to outrank and outperform your competitors

Digital PR helps your business grow

Digital PR is the perfect strategy for businesses who want to grow their brand recognition in conjunction with improving the strength and quality of their website.

It’s a double-win as while your brand grows and your target audience gets to know your name, your keyword rankings also improve as a result of the incoming backlinks from high authority websites.

We work with brands from a whole range of industries to achieve brand recognition and organic growth and we can do the same for you.

We have seen our website traffic, keyword rankings, domain authority and organic inbound lead generation improve thanks to their efforts.

Sean HuggettSean Huggett, Evalian

We have worked with Levity for a number of years and have been delighted with the results of our link building strategy.

Paul StewartPaul Stewart, My Baggage

We were over the moon with the results of our SEO campaign. The link building strategy helped us to outrank our competitors and surpass our targets.

Karen KennardKaren Kennard, The Scholarship Hub

Our Digital PR Process

Our methodical and proven approach to Digital PR involves:

Ideation based on data and creativity: Our experienced digital PR team know how to get the creative juices flowing and create concepts that are not only novel but can be backed up by data. We know what journalists need to sell a story and our concepts provide that in a unique way.

Tailored strategy and KPIs: We work with each client to identify achievable goals and KPIs for their campaign. Every digital PR strategy we develop is tailored to the unique requirements and assets of the brand. Our aim is to create a strategy that’s in keeping with your business’s identity and values while appealing to the public to earn links naturally.

Promotion and outreach: This is the stage of the campaign where our existing media contacts and outreach experience comes into play. It doesn’t matter how interesting or entering your content is if you can’t get it seen by the people who matter. That’s why we spend so much time reaching out to the most relevant and influential publications in your industry to ensure that it has the best exposure and the very best chance of it being shared.

Tracking and reporting: Throughout the entire process our team are monitoring everything including exposure, traffic, shares, backlinks and brand engagement. Having a successful campaign is one thing, but knowing what metrics to track and how to use that data to improve the strategy further is what takes our digital PR service to the next level.

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